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Leftover Chowder: Sharks vs. Bruins

Misery loves company.

Yeah, Claude, we're not happy either.
Yeah, Claude, we're not happy either.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It already seemed like it was going to be a slow evening tonight. Most people checked in to say they were working or had other plans or something. BBKM made a grand entrance, however.

BBKM, you wouldn’t know til later how lucky you are to have all that liquor left over from the summer get-together. Yikes.

Phony got me thinking if there actually was a bully with a name similar to Tommy Wingels that I couldn’t think of.

I kept coming back to "Tommy Pickles" and you know, that ain’t him.

Tommy Wingels. Sounds like this:

But actually looks like this:

I unfortunately missed the background behind this post, but yes. This is something that Patrice Bergeron would do.

In fact, I think there should be a movement that sweeps across the Internet: What Would Patrice Bergeron Do?

You can almost hear the *ding* when he smiles.

You know, I wish I had the time to find a whole stack of Patrice Bergeron gifs, because you may need something to cling to for the later periods.


Martin Jones, we hardly knew ye.

But the conversation of "Why can’t we get players like that??" quickly sidetracked into the brief, glorious and almost literal moment of when Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo were teammates on the Florida Panthers during the 2014 trade deadline.

We seriously had big plans for you guys…

Brad Marchand gave the Bruins the lead for the first time that evening, which led to some confusion over that famous axiom, credited to Wayne Gretzky. Wayne. Not Dwayne. (Sorry, buddy.)

But seriously, ANY lead the Bruins have these days is the most dangerous one, as Joonas Donskoi demonstrated when he tied up the game for the Sharks with less than five to go in the first.

Stars for this period: BBKM for getting down to business off the bat. And for yelling. Lots of yelling. Even in image form:

Seriously, I’m not one to hop on the Fire Claude train, but this little girl looks like she has the crazy eyes passion to win. (I wonder if her last name is Tortorella.)

What the hell, there were not so many people in the 1st period, so this little girl, by way of BBKM also gets a star, too.

Phoneymahoney for stating the obvious truth about Patrice Bergeron.

And speaking of, get your Bergy pics ready. Here comes the second period.

Period 1B: Will the Bruins Show Up to Play for Realz This Time?

The Emergency Buddy System seems to be broken. That's okay, because it's biggest proponent was none-the-wiser in a far off land:

Of course, Satan81 is not the only missing Chowderino; his real-life sister, Satan81's Sister has been missing as well. BBKM sums it up:

Sister was not the only one with cable problems, Phony was as well:

ArchaeLOLogist checked in to update us on her activities, singing and multitasking boredom with evildom:

It wouldn't be a thread on Chowder without someone talking about trading Bruins Winger Loui. Blebrasseur1 made sure this thread counted and was certified as Genuine Chowder™.

Yes, always when the value is high!

Not that kind of high, Peggy!

So, yes, Loui scored. No one yelled the appropriate words: HINGA DINGA DURGEN. For shame Chowder, for shame.

So, the Bruins are up by one but not for long. Thankfully, we know how to deal with this:

Chowdergangers UnstableElement and BBKM know the drill.

UE followed it up by commenting on a Bruins Too Much Man penalty:

Again, the in-between period is one that tries the souls of commenters, with many penalties and a terrible dumpster fire penalty kill, we resort to letters to hockey entities and things that should work in theory:

Couch coaching:

And, finally, talking about things that are not even related to hockeying:

I agree.

Why do you hate us Bruins?


The Bruins were trailing heading into the third, formerly known as Period 1C, formerly known as The Third Period. The Chowder team was ready for a comeback. Drake was ready for a comeback. Obi Wan, however, was ambivalent.

Phony pleaded for the Bruins to pull themselves together while Mordor, surprisingly enough, was looking for the silver lining.

We pondered, and then appreciated the oddity that is Jack Edwards.

…maybe we spoke too soon about Mordor and silver linings.

Phony made a startling discovery.

We’re huge nerds about a certain French-Canadian defensively responsible center who is perfect and wears black and gold.

Mordor was on a roll tonight. Sam the Eagle is SO over him.

The enigma that is Adam McQuaid’s sudden durability may have been cracked.


The Bruins had to get serious. The Bruins weren’t getting serious. We called upon Fruit Ninja Claude for inspiration.

The Chowder gang had some… uh… mixed feelings on penalties and penalty killing.

Newtonian Fluid had some ideas for how the Bruins can start playing good hockey and winning some games more… consistently.

The last minute of the game went well.

We commiserated. We discussed possibilities. Phony’s sarcastic humor went unappreciated.

Newtonian Fluid and Muse had some good roster move (and livestock) ideas.

Holyhandgrenaid arrived just in time to save the… oh.

Well, kids, we’ll get it back on Thursday. Or this weekend. Or at the draft.