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Bergeron and Marchand reunited in practice as Claude Julien shakes up the Lines

Kevan Miller is out with an upper body injury, as well.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It's an off-day, but at the end of last night's game Bergeron and Marchand were reunited as the Bruins tried to stage a comeback against the San Jose Sharks. As Gus mentioned, it was something to watch in the coming days. Well, we're watching. Here were the Forward lines from this morning, per the Bruins twitter account:

  • Marchand—Bergeron—Hayes
  • Vatrano—Krejci—Eriksson
  • Beleskey—Spooner—Connolly
  • Rinaldo—Kemppainen—Randell

Also of note, Kevan Miller wasn't on the ice today due to an injury, per Claude:

I hope he's okay, but I wouldn't mind seeing what the defense looks like without him falling down every 5-10 seconds.

How do you like those forward lines?