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Could the Bruins land Travis Hamonic?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Per Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, the Islanders are trying to trade top-pair defenseman Travis Hamonic. Hamonic is 25, has 4 years left on a deal with a cap hit under 4 million, and leads the Islanders in all-situation minutes per game by over a minute. The problem, according to Friedman, is the return they'd like:

Several sources indicate Snow is not interested in a picks or prospects type of return. He’s looking for equal-level replacement.

In order to get Hamonic, the Bruins would have to give up a piece that the Islanders would be able to use right now. They'd also have to include just under 2 million dollars in cap space going back to make room for Hamonic. But it would be a very worthy get. Hamonic leads all Boston and NYI defensemen in Shot attempt ratio this year.

To be honest, there aren't a lot of players I would be against giving up to get Hamonic. Probably Chara, though you could make the argument for the younger player on a good deal until 2020. It would absolutely break my heart if they did that deal, but if you're talking about players that could replace Hamonic in the Islanders lineup, the Bruins only really have one guy like that left. Would the Islanders perhaps take a forward back? Maybe. They don't want prospects or picks, though, so we can't package together the Providence ER crew and some picks and get him.

Would be nice though...