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Bad Houseguests

The Bruins roll through town and beat your team. They probably also empty the liquor cabinet and leave wet towels on the floor as they depart.

Yeah! And we won't even write a thank-you note to our hosts!
Yeah! And we won't even write a thank-you note to our hosts!
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the news? #WeAreTheNews!

  • Kirk Luedeke observes that the Bruins continue to be the most ungrateful guests in the NHL, having left every host team to wallow in defeat so far.[ScoutingPost]

  • Other quick notes from Saturday show Claude Julien reining in David Pastrnak, Matt Beleskey battling for his goal, and the return of Joonas Kemppainen.[WEEI]

  • In case you missed it on Halloween, the Bruins topped the Panthers in part because of their league-leading power play.[HockeyBuzz]

  • The Bruins success has come from keeping their game simple, not cute. The results have been simply marvelous.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Brad Marchand was especially fiesty this weekend, and we all know how good he is when he plays on the edge.[BostonHerald]

  • Time to get on board with the "Re-sign Loui Eriksson" bandwagon. He is earning it.[WEEI]

  • There is good news here in this advanced statistics snapshot around the NHL for the Bruins, who remain high atop Team Save Percentage (SVP%) and team Corsi.[TheHockeyWriters]

  • Here are the short takes from the Providence Bruins' weekend- from the sublime through the mediocre and ultimately closing with the profane.[ProvidenceJournal]

  • Kirk Luedeke is on the beat and offers his prospect summary from this weekend, notable for the return of Malcolm Subban.[ScoutingPost]

  • Pepperidge Farm remembers... a time in which fans and media had more casual access to the Bruins. One Vietnam veteran reminisced about having his Playboy signed by the team on a shared commercial flight.[TheBostonGlobe]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Stanley Cup of Chowder has been honored as an SB Nation featured blog for the month on the strength of additional coverage on the blossoming NWHL and CWHL in Boston.[SBNation]

  • Adieu, Grantland. Sean McIndoe reflects on the demise of the site, and has compiled a couple dozen of his favorite posts (with links.)[DownGoesBrown]

  • Stan Fischler has a few nice things to say about Claude Julien and Zdeno Chara among a passel of other observations, which include his reasons that the Penguins should (gasp) trade Sidney Crosby. [TheHockeyNews]

  • A cloak of secrecy and inconsistency has hampered the vaunted NHL initiative to prevent and treat concussions.[TSN]

  • The Coach's Challenge still doesn't seem to be working well. Maybe it is time to cut to the chase and simply give Toronto the final call.[PuckDaddy]

  • Here's an accessible and fun primer on Advanced Statistics that we can all enjoy without our calculators.[Vice]

  • The nascent Division I Arizona State Badgers men's hockey team is learning on the job in this first season.[NewYorkTimes]

  • Perhaps the possibility of not being able to make a backyard rink for the kids to play hockey on will finally jolt people into action on climate change.[TheHockeyNews]

  • Your filthy hockey gear is a danger to your health, and to society. Clean up your act, players![Deadspin]