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The Boston Bear Cubs need your votes!

A great local program could use a few clicks to help them win some funding.

MA Special Hockey

The Boston Bear Cubs are a special needs hockey program based at Shea Rink in Quincy. The program helps teach the sport of hockey to kids and young adults with developmental disabilities.

It's a great cause, truly bringing hockey to everyone. The program needs your help!

The Bear Cubs are currently participating in a video contest sponsored by UCT. The Bear Cubs made a short video showing some highlights of their program, and are competing with nine other special hockey programs from around the country for a $10,000 prize. Second place gets $5,000.

Everyone knows how much ice time and equipment cost, not to mention the added expenses of running a program like this. The Bear Cubs could use this money to boost their program and continue their mission to bring the sport we all love to everyone.

How can you help?

Vote! Voting is open until two weeks from today. The Bear Cubs are (as of the writing of this post) in fourth place, but within shouting distance of the top spots.

It only takes a few seconds and, again, is for a great cause. Here's how to vote:

1) Visit and click on "Video Contest" in the top navigation menu.

2) Click the link to be taken to the videos.

If you reach the following page, just click "Follow Link" to continue.

3) Find the Bear Cubs' video, and click to launch it. When the video player loads, you'll see the "Vote" button at the top. The one below is already green because I just voted.

...and that's it! If you get a message saying something like "fans only" or "members only" and it asks you to "like" the page, just press "skip." Or, just like the page and then vote.

This is a great cause for a great group of kids and caring group of volunteers and coaches. Thanks for helping!