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Zach Senyshyn scored a wicked nice goal last night. Mathew Barzal didn't

Lucas Peressini didn't have a chance.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

2015 1st-round pick Zachary Senyshyn (the third one, that was sorta off-the-board) is showing that Don Sweeney may not have made a mistake in drafting him so high this summer. Last night, he scored a pretty dang nice goal, which Ian McLaren was nice enough to point out on twitter. Follow him for extremely reasonable Bruins coverage. Anyway, here's Senyshyn walking around Stephen Desrocher at the blue line and then roofing the puck past last year's OHL goaltender of the year, Lucas Peressini. Haven't seen such bad defense from a 37 in black and gold I don't even know.

Attaboy, Zach.