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Leftover Chowder: Leafs @ Bruins Game Thread Recap

Leaf Us Alone!

Zdeno Chara and giraffes share the same opinion on cilantro: too low to the ground.
Zdeno Chara and giraffes share the same opinion on cilantro: too low to the ground.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

First Period: The Cilnatro War Cometh

I could lie to you and tell you that we discussed a great many interesting subjects, but, really, the first period was about the Chowder Cilantro Wars. You see, like any random topic that a Chowderer can have an opinion on, cilantro- that green, leafy herb that for some tastes all too much like soap or is overwhelming to the senses- has torn Chowder asunder, making us a house divided.

It all started when BBKM and Sister started talking about dinner:

Sounds good so far. Then, it takes a sudden, unexpected turn:


Not only do these two disagree, but the SatanSiblings cannot agree.

What hope do any of us have when these two cannot agree?

Then, Sister went off on Miss Muse, Former Chowder Bouncer™ for just trying to help:

...Why are you guys talking about a Golden Girls spinoff?

Again with these two!

the german hammer weighs in along with Newtonian Fluid, being genetic freaks and all.

An alliance is formed:

Not so fast!

The allies fall on opposite sides of the Pooh Jersey Debate:

More  talk of less contentious food occurred through the thread.

When Sister wasn't yelling her opinions on herbs, she was posting Bergygrams™.

And by Bergygrams, I mean multiple posts of the same picture, which sent Chowder into paroxysms of joy.

We had a pleasant visitor from the opponents blog tonight, introducing us to a poll on the best soup and a super cool gif:

There was talk of actual hockey play, even if it was steeped in the recent past of the rivalry:

Following conversation detailed the many injuries to the Providence squad. It's lengthy; consult the thread as needed.

BBKM started up the Emergency Buddy System, prior to Threadmaster Dan Ryan, who in all fairness is multitasking. It's good he has his thread buddy back.

PERIOD 1B: War, what is it good for?

The period began. Scoreless. There was a buddy check, and BBKM was quite concerned with the whereabouts of Satan81. Also, the Great Cilantro war raged on. 

Satan, you out there, buddy?

BBKM made some soup, and a substitution, which spurred more talk of hated leafy greens:

And also, hated leafy blues:

As you can see, Sis is still carrying the torch for cilantro. Understandably so, as it’s flavorful and refreshing.

Amidst all this inner Chowder turmoil, Muse started a new #CilantroStrong movement. A revolution, if you will. I stand with cilantro as well.

Giesse dropped some knowledge on you illiterate punkasses. Also, Sis has called a ceasefire. A Thanksgiving Truce, much like the Christmas Truce of 1914, if you will.

The battle was over for now, but what about the war?

Drink it up, kids – you don’t know when the next Chowder Science Class ™ will be. Tuesday’s game thread, you say? Okay, you’re probably right.

Chowder united on the Spinach Front, which is a very good thing. We really don’t need a Just Say No campaign against leafy greens; we’re already campaigning against lots of other things.

Spinach does a body good.

The pro-spinach lobby gained a little more steam, and Sis brought a new player to the game: dip. The german hammer put her stern, Teutonic foot down regarding a couple matters.

When buffalo anything comes up, bleu cheese inevitably follows. Before making his exit, there was a mea culpa on MadScientist72’s part, as he felt he didn’t give Timmy the backup he needed during GH’s bleu cheese science lesson last week.

Excuse my pronoun. When a gif is right, it's right.

At this point, I have no concept of what was happening in the game, except that people playing for the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Blue Maples were not scoring goals.

GH resurrected the Great Cilantro battle. Those Germans can’t let anything go. Next thing you know, Mordor’s gonna bring up the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

Muse took exception. So did johndavis33, and since stats guys are never wrong… cilantro wins. Again.

Satan81 finally returned from battle. He fought The Hundred Years’ War against his feline foe, Miro, and is now crowned Earl of Sandwich. Perhaps the Cat Tax should be used to fund the military.

The Satan Siblings stood united on the Feline Front.

Caterkyo mistook Giesse’s quirkiness as British flair. Poppycock!

Sis started yelling again. Muse admires her skill and admitted she had a tough time filling in during The Great Internet Crisis of 2015. She’s too friendly for that, as she’s the Ned Flanders of podcasts.

The Chowder Officiating Crew wanted a whistle to be blown, but it was not meant to be.

Period 1B involved no scoring, but lots of fiber. On to period 1C!

Third Period:

With 40 minutes gone, and some really nice chances from Boston still not making it past Reimer, there was just one thing left to talk about among the Chowderians: food.

And maybe it was due to hanger, or someone more likely being an insufferable jackass, but BBKM struck gold before the Bruins did:

Still waiting for someone, anyone, anyone on the Bruins team, I mean, to open the scoring. I think Sister was well past the point of frustration to only manage a


Or maybe she was just hungry.

Thankfully, phonymahoney came in to save the day. She says this:

And look, Chara scores. It must be nice to know the Bruins are waiting for you to arrive before they start throwing the puck into the net.

Newtonian Fluid spouts some wisdom that would certainly be worthy of a Jack Adams Award, if only he were coaching in the NHL.

Seems legit.


  • NUMBER THREE:  a two-way tie between the german hammer, because she created a polarizing yet beautiful jersey concept, and phonymahoney, for she is the one who brings the goals
  • NUMBER TWO: Sis, for starting the Great Cilantro War, and never giving up.
  • BBKM, for fighting the good fight, whether it be against wonderful, leafy green veggies, or against KPD.