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What we're thankful for

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Good day and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I wanted to take a minute to highlight some things we're thankful for here on Stanley Cup of Chowder. For me, I'm thankful for each and every one of you, the readers. We wouldn't be doing this without you, so thanks! Tell your friends how great we are.

I would also like to highlight that I am extremely thankful for all of the people who put in a lot of work to bring y'all the posts that make y'all laugh and cry and freak out and get that warm fuzzy feeling like I am now. And also the ones that just tell it like it is. I'm very lucky to inherit a talented staff from Sarah's reign, and always looking to add to it.

Here are a couple other writers and what they're thankful for:


Im thankful for autocorrect/typos, without whom we would not have hilarious tweets from teams (ie Flyers prospects shitting the beach and Bruins forward Brad Marcgand)

Also thankful for my corgi, who sits next to me on the couch when I'm home and watches every game with me (and who is constantly given a game misconduct for being an asshole and barking during periods)

Sarah Connors:

I'm thankful for everyone who writes here, who puts in great work day in and day out and makes us a good destination for Bruins news.

And I'm thankful for frank vatrano because YES. SHOOT NOW SHOOT ALWAYS.


I'm thankful for the opportunities to better myself and my writing and producing skills that were given to me by friends, family, total strangers and the good people of Stanley Cup of Chowder and SBNation as a whole.

I'm thankful that Corny hasn't chewed me out for essentially writing longform every single post I do.

I'm thankful for David Pastrnak, whose skill and eternally bright attitude makes him a legendary player and a reminder that yes, there is a Santa Claus. And his name is David Pastrnak.

I'm thankful for the Patrice Bergeron that gave us our daily bread, scoring, and two way superiority.

I'm thankful for Colin Miller for being the superior Miller and for slowly coming into his own as a depth player. (Go Monarchs!)

I'm thankful for the Red Line, because even while travelling, I always like a little quirky nonsense to liven up my day.
I'm thankful for the skills I have gained whilst trying to earn this Broadcasting degree and all the people I work with.
Kristian Limas

I'm thankful for getting in under the wire, Perfect Patrice Bergeron, lovable rouge Brad Marchand, Frankie the Kid, PASTA, Raptor Jesus, Colin "Old Kentucky Shark" Miller WHO HAS BEEN THERE, Ageless Z, the number 77, gamecenter, booze, and ice rinks in Tejas.

Also, my goofy family and my friends offline and on. Literally the best people I coulda asked for.

What are you thankful for?