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Leftover Chowder: Bruins vs. Red Wings

Holidays got us a little busy but not much else going on until Wednesday! We figured you might want to relive the glory of the last two games by reading this recap today and the Rangers one tomorrow.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1A: The Red Wingening

Pleasantries were exchanged as the game was about to start.

That BBKM is just so..

As we usually do, we started taking about food, and some of it being weird food.

decided to start off by singing a song from the Morning Free Association™ to get the Bruins going:

Then she decided to yell at Chowderites, with backup from Miss Muse, Backerupper:

And since BBKM required advice that he didn't know he needed, phony advised him on what is acceptable:

Being Thanksgiving Eve, the college students return home:

Oh, wait, Sister was not done yelling yet:


By now, the game had started and things were happening:

Newtonian Fluid brought us goals and showed us to the promised land! And showed us a new pre-game stretch.

Young Frank Vatrano scored a goal and prompted some talk on what exactly we should call him:

So, we play on the Italian name and go right to mobster or play on his size.

Phony implored us for a cleverer term. We are illiterate punkasses who enjoy a good turn of phrase, after all.

Wait, did we come up with one?

No. Autocorrect fail.


The period began quietly, with an update from BBKM on women’s hockey, and some musical commentary by the german hammer.

Pavel  Datsyuk scored his 300th goal, which of course brought with it the usual Chowder resignation, and then recognition:

Tim was fairly certain the german hammer infiltrated his game of Jeopardy!, and she played along, but it seems she’s been banned by Trebek, or something like that.

Trebek and phony are birthday buds – perhaps a favor can be called in.

Punchisizing metaphors were discussed, which turned into talk of the men of Chowder, and their awkward middle school days.

Somehow this turned into talk of fetishes. You creeps can hit the thread for that one. Also, Muse discussed her dinner possibilities. Nachos were out, as she had had them recently. How can anyone have their fill of nachos?! As a Vermont hippy, Sis has some hummus. Mordor suggested chili, which IMO is a great idea, but it seemingly fell on deaf ears. No word on dinner.

A Thanksgiving prep survey was taken. We aren’t good with multiple choice.

Period 1B was acting like the 2
nd period again:

Mordor is now connecting the dots between hating certain food items because of certain players. Some people hate pickles because of Marc-Edouard Vlasic. Some people hate pear juice because of Per Djoos.Coffee is okay,despite a certain other HOFer defenseman who wore #77.

The dinner verdict?

Meatball sub. Or spuckie, or hero, or hoagie, or grinder, or torpedo sandwich, whatever you want to call it. This is a recent Chowder debate as well. Such controversy!

The rest of the period was discussion of Carey Price’s injury, what network is carrying other games, etc. Hopefully Period 1C would have better things in store.

Period 3:

After ArchaeLOLogist invoked a prayer to start the third: was a bit tamer than that:

Tim spent a part of the intermission trying to recruit Mordor into his alma mater:

Newtonian Fluid returned from doing what he was doing and came into a disturbing scene:

BBKM subtly managed to convince Newtonian Fluid to stay

Good job, BBKM!

This was a game where the Bruins looked like they were just getting by, if that, and Mordor was oddly optimistic about the Bruins' chances.

Don't think I'd want to see him as a coach, though.


Sister sensed we were all a bunch of amateurs and took matters into her own hands:

This totally intimidated Muppet new to the Bruins defenseman Colin Miller as this happened not so long after:

Colin Miller is so damn happy Sister's not gonna kill him.

What a remarkable game. It even caused Mordor to put down the sad trombone he usually plays for a moment.

The Bruins had actually managed to finagle a point they sure as hell didn't seem to deserve from the Red Wings, and on to the overtime period we go. There were some pretty tense moments, especially when Loui Eriksson was forced to show off his versatility as a football soccer player, but hell, you gotta go for that big contract somehow, right?

And then the unthinkable happened and Frank (a.k.a Frankie the Mobster, a.k.a Frankie Two Points, a.k.a Sveddy's Number) Vatrano managed to seal the win with another goal. Plenty of yelling was done, capped off with a picture of the current Pope, (also a Frankie) posted by our resident Papal Enthusiast, phonymahoney (not to be confused with our resident Papal Scholar, UNCMedievalist).

All this caused dwayne gretzky to feel quite festive.

And left some of us scrambling for a catch phrase for our so-far, so good backup Jonas Gustavsson.


Stars of the Game Thread:

WalkIntoMordor for staying positive

Satan81'sSister for yelling like no one else can.

BBKM for trying to come up with a nickname for Frank Vatrano. We'll get there soon.