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Leftover Chowder:Bruins @ Caps Game Thread Recap

Medievalist takes on Ovie
Medievalist takes on Ovie
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1:

The first period was like the hottest club in New York. It had everything.

Reuben spring rolls. Corgis.  Uniporn.  And coniferous dicks.

The period started out normally enough with a dinner report.

And optimism. Always optimism.  Gotta be optimistic for this year.

But predictably, we couldn’t stay normal for long.

Crazy-ass Nordic goalies and their pre-game rituals...

Of course gave way to this:

And then this:

With expected results:

Amazingly enough, we managed to push the envelope further.

Truer words have never been spoken, UNC Medievalist and phonymahoney!


Oh, yeah, and a Jimmy Hayes goal. Against Braden Holtby!

Stars of this period: jiJack for his corgi pics, and UNCMedievalist’s eyes for deceiving him with wonderful results.

SECOND PERIOD (we're calling it that again, because the Bruins played like that, again):

A quick (and successful!) buddy check was made, and again, Satan81 once again proves to be a reliable buddy. He should be in an instructional video.

Medievalist doesn’t need a buddy, because he has #papalenthusiasm, and that’s all you need in this cruel world.

Sis was adamant about being an independent woman knight, but was easily swayed when offered a pal. This exchange later descended (ore ascended, really) into a discussion about Breaking Bad, and a dazzling display of appropriate gifs.

A certain, prominent, Chowder hashtag somehow did not come up in conversation, though it most certainly should have:

SatanSiblings were generally very adamant about things tonight, as was their adopted sister, the german hammer,  which caused some good hockey-ish discussion.

We hoped and prayed, but the Second Period Suck struck again:

We may have been on to something here, and probably should have hopped in our Chowder-fueled DeLorean.

Alas, no serious shit was seen. Just more seriously shitty hockey.

Darth Vader was impregnated during the second period, with a coniferous object. You can visit the thread for that one.

Speaking or Darth Vader, the possibility of a Darth Quaider injury was thrown around:

WalkIntoMordor walked into Chowder, and the Chowder Sports Update nailed it.

The Bruins landed on the PP again, and something crazy happened, which convinced us that the end was near:

This "Old Testament, ‘real wrath of god’ type stuff" descended, far, FAR into politics and …rocks. Yes, for serious.

Beats me.

Luckily (maybe), we returned to the subject at hand: the apocalypse is undoubtedly coming, as Brad Marchand got powerplay time.

HHG kept his reputation intact:

And with that, thankfully, period 1B came to a close.

Period 1C: Who is this team and can we have the other one back?

Our Bruins entered the Period trailing by two goals. So, scoring 3 goals would be simple, right? Nope.

Anyway, we either got to the thread with our buddies or not.

Talk of defensive woes:

Seriously, why can't we have nice Defense?

A letter writing campaign was proposed:

including a special request:

More talk of Corgis:

Finally, we have a scapegoat. Turn your rage toward UNCMedievalist,

who may or may not be Adam McQuaid or Kevan Miller.

All this leads to the obvious question:

Sounds like a good idea to me.

I, for one, would love to see this Tuukka return.

Bruins lose 4-1. So much for the Bruins going 41-0 on the road.


  • Satan81, for his dedication to the Thread Buddy System
  • the german hammer, because she really nestled right into place in her new family
  • UNCMedievalist, because of coniferous reasons and papal enthusiasm