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Bruins vs. Habs: Game Thread Recap

Ole, ole, ole, oh... wait.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1A: We Can Do This?

Johndavis33 invoked a Bruins Comments prayer to start us off:

Sister yelled at the Bruins.

Okay, maybe it is.

Everyone assumed the position.

All was as it should be.

Zach Trotman was in, Joe Morrow was out, though it was figured that the wrong defensemen was taken out of the lineup.

Poor Timmy, he still has all the feels for the departed Sveddy, and expressed himself largely in Supernatural gifs.

Many anti-Habs sentiments were shared, and we really must incorporate this into a daily greeting, regardless of whether or not the Bruins are playing the Canadiens.

"Hi, Phony, how are you? Happy Hab hating to you!"

"Hey Sister, it's a glorious day to hate the Habs. Good day to you!"

And the game started, with an early Power Play for the Bruins.

Patrice Bergeron Loui Eriksson scores the first goal of the game. Hinga Dinga Durgen indeed!

Were there appropriate sacrifices to the Hockey Gods™?

Obviously, this is Bizzaro World.

Timmy made a MATH JOKE.

Bruins lead 1-0 going into Period 1B.


At the start of Period 1B, we had another Thread Buddy Check.

Like, duuuuh, Satan81, did you think this was an airport? Next game we probably won’t see you in the next period thread cause you’ll be waiting for the Thread Shuttle to pick you up or something.

We’re all a big family here it seems. So much so it’s kind of hard to keep the actual siblings straight.

Though it turns out they may be related distantly via the Smiths.

No. Not you.

These guys.

New Bruin Frank Vatrano was making quite the impression on the Chowderheads this period.

And when he scored, johndavis33 seemed to have a stroke.

Blebrasseur1 had a great idea for a new sort of special team the Bruins could employ

Though my vote for punchee would go to Max Pacioretty.

Newtonian Fluid called out normally mild-mannered, straight-laced David Krejci on his lifestyle choices for that evening.

David, that's Max's job.

Seriously, the Habs just seem to bring out the worst in the Bruins. Oh sure you find this funny, now David. Just wait until your mother hears about this.

Period 1C: The 444 Comments Edition

While our Thread Buddy System was being sorted out in the new thread, johndavis33 compared the assets traded in the Bruins Kings trade from this offseason:

You know Colin Miller, right?

Cause this is Chiller, Chiller night!

And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to

As buddies were getting in and waiting for other buddies to make the jump, the german hammer gave a brief German lesson (and spoke more German at and to people):

OK, that's enough German for one thread.

Anyway, quoting from our Threadmaster, Dan Ryan, phony wondered how to hide two of the Bruins more vertically-endowed players.

Leading to a very well recched gif of team Captain, Zdeno Chara hiding surprisingly well:

Many space gifs happened and I'm not really sure why, although when Doge shows up,, it's generally a mystifying experience.

Satan81 was the one that was missing tonight for a spell since he required a libation, which I hope was also offered to the Hockey Gods™.

We had Pope Frankie → Divine Providence →Providence where young Frank Vatrano was until yesterday. But, we had some geography problems because he's now in Montreal. Anyway, visit the thread for more. Or not.

Sister continued yelling at the Bruins:

Many jokes were made when Mike Condon's name was misread:

Early in the period, Montreal seemed to score a goal which was challenged by Claude Julien because, oh I don't know, Brendan Gallagher was kinda sorta interfering with Bruins Goaltender Jonas Gustavsson. Here is an official explanation of the challenge.

Here is an unofficial explanation:

Anyway, Chowder was incredulous of a successful Coach's Challenge, against the Habs no less!

Yes, yes he does.

Anyway, there was discussion of Movember, Breast Cancer Awareness and other campaigns that may or may not fund research followed by why phony may possibly be banned by EotP.

The Habs score a goal, which actually counts, almost half-way through the period spawning a humourous rallying cry for the boys to pull it together:


Then, honestly, it all fell apart. David Krejci takes an inopportune cross-checking penalty on Tomas Plekanec, resulting in a PPG. An EN sealed the win moments later.


  • Sis, for all the yelling
  • johndavis33, for giving the Bruins good advice
  • the german hammer, for living up to her screenname
  • Turtleneck Tommy
  • David Krejci