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Leftover Chowder: Game Thread Recap - Bruins vs. Isles

Sim simma, who's got the keys to my Bimmer? (I think it's a Lexus or an Acura, but whatever)

No. Quaider, YOU get in the car.
No. Quaider, YOU get in the car.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


Greetings were exchanged,  and the general consensus was that the Bruins played 50 good minutes against the Habs. A very apt suggestion was made for what to call one of our special teams.

Sis endured a hilarious bird incident before her morning coffee. Those Satan siblings have mayhem in their genes.

Phony was sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having Johnny Boychuk on her team, and Johnny took exception.


Our friend Jack Edwards made a remark about the Bruins playing in the "Hip Hop Capital of the World" tonight, which of course led to discussion about Jack being able to spit hot fire.

Just wait ‘til we talk about Brick’s dance crew.

Jack and Brick praised one Loui Eriksson, of the Gothenburg Erikssons, which of course brought up the possibility of Loui being a trade target. Muse and HHG decided to tempt fate by making their distaste of the Hockey Gods known.

Be careful… you've done it.

Cal Clutterbuck made a splash, and spurred some talk of villainous hockey names.

Personally, I think Fedor Tyutin’s name doesn't sound dastardly, more like he just ate too much Mexican food.

UNCMedievalist’s alter ego is Kevan Miller; Cornelius’ alter ego is apparently Timmy. Game threads can be quite revealing sometimes.

Bergy landed in the box for hooking (he has to commit sins to make the game fair for everyone else), and it caused Medievalist to ponder NHL rule changes following a possible expansion to Sin City.

Ryan Spooner scored a goal on the man advantage, giving him and his "mustache" a little extra NESN face time.

With that, the first period came to a close, the Thread Buddy System(TM) was activated, and adult beverages were acquired.


The Bruins were up 1-0 after 20 minutes on Spooner’s goal, but a lot of us, like archaeLOLogist, were still trying to get the bitter taste of the game the night before out of our mouths.

And absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder, as phonymahoney demonstrated.

But when you’ve got a guy whose looks over the years have been like this:

I guess it’s pretty easy to forget what he looks like in a simple uniform.

Jack Edwards tonight. Between referring to himself and Andy Brickley as way old cartoon characters, I don’t know if any of us, Jack and Brick included, knew what he was going on about for most of the evening.

A representative from the NYC Chamber of Commerce, blebrasseur1, stopped by this evening.


And again, I wish somehow the Bruins would pay attention to fan blogs. Because when the words "penalty kill" are mentioned, which then causes us to post exhibits A, B, and C (shown below), that might be a pretty big hint that you really need to work on improving it.

Just a hunch.

And again, a #ChowderAfterDark FAIL. That’s twice now, under my watch, and I expect better from you guys!

In any case, the Bruins were taking the most dangerous lead in hockey into the third period, with all of us hoping that light at the end of the tunnel we were seeing would not turn out to be a train.

Period 1C: The Most Dangerous Lead

We seemed to be confused about what time it was. A three-game slide will do that to you.

Jack, can you give us the correct answer?

Maybe our confusion caused the Bruins to start slowly and poorly.

Tuukka Rask made a save and former scapegoat UNCMedievalist unveiled a new gif in tribute:

Patrice Bergeron went to the penalty box to feel shame. Some female Chowderers had some things to say about that:

The Bruins were doing stupid things. Sister decided to yell at them some more.

Chowderers are always getting confused for each other:

Thanks for handling that one!

Lots of action around Tuukka including pucks that were squirting and stationary. And Bruins doing dumb things. It seemed like there was 15 straight minutes of PP and PK for both sides, including a Face-off Violation on Joonas Kemppainen.

That gave the Islanders a two-man advantage resulting in a Johnny Boychuk PPG.

We still have all the feels for Johnny.

You know why it hurts so damned much? Johnny didn't want to go, it seemed to gut the team and the fans, and he just looks so happy with the Islanders. Still hurts.

Unstable Element made a timely observation with a great assist by holyhandgrenaid:

More shouting by Sister and she's now going to coach the Big Bad Bruins into submission by yelling at them. First, she starts out with the PK Units.

But, she needs to get Claude's fedora first.

There were things that couldn't be unseen nor unthought of. We'll leave that right in the thread.

We had a rocky five minutes to ride the game out including two Bruins penalties, one with 2 seconds to go. The Bruins made it out of the period without allowing another goal and barely won 2-1.

HHG provided what Tuukka must have said in the room, right after the game:

Indeed, what the fuck was that? Pull it together boys, you look sloppy.


  • Sis, for being the boss of everyone, including Claude's hat
  • HHG, because he made some salient points this evening
  • UNCMedievalist, for not bringing his black cloud of failure to the game this evening.