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2016 NHL All-Star Game fan voting opens today! Vote for Brad Marchand

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Today, the NHL opens their fan voting for the NHL All-Star game today, and it will be open until the Winter Classic. The voting will open at noon and can be accessed at

Who should you vote for? The answer is obvious: Brad Marchand.

Not to say that I think that Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, or Tuukka Rask are undeserving. They are certainly deserving candidates. But the NHL fan vote is for the captain of the Divisional 3-on-3 team. And those other guys have a real chance of making that team without a fan vote. Brad Marchand? Much less likely.

And it's a 3-on-3 tournament. Who do you want to see play 3 on 3 more? It's Brad Marchand. There is no such thing as a boring game with Brad Marchand in it. And on top of all of that, he's killing it so far this year.

The choice is clear. Vote for Brad Marchand.