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Leftover Chowder: Black Friday Matinee Game Thread Recap

...and we definitely have leftovers. Since there's no game until Wednesday, we thought we'd post a late game thread recap. Enjoy!

You're the Rangers, this is Krejci, cover me soon, 'cause I'll score maybe?
You're the Rangers, this is Krejci, cover me soon, 'cause I'll score maybe?
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Period 1A: Thanksgiving Hangover, or, Give Us Jack and Brick!

We were greeted with this festive thought:

Kind of reminds me a lot of this:

Anyway, people filed in and got comfortbale and ready for the game. Including Giesse and Miss Muse, West Coast Correspondent.

Phony checked in from a familiar place:

So, someone gave Henrik Lundqvist a new nickname.

This man is called Hanky.

Satan81, representing the SatanSiblings, all the way  from Deutschland waved hello, prompting some interesting German history.

Here's the article linked above, for your entertainment.

There was much Thanksgiving chatter. Of course, it wouldn't be a thread that the german hammer participated in if without mention of pie.

Actual footage from inside GH's kitchen

One thing that Chowdertonians are thankful for is Patrice Bergeron. There were many things said about him, some #ChowderAfterDark.

Everyone loves Patrice.

Question: what has been different the past 4 games that has allowed the Bruins to win four-in-a-row?

Answer: No Kevan Miller.

Early in the first, Joonas Kemppainen had a breakaway moment, which, did not pan out. We had some feelings about that.

Did you know that it was German Appreciation Day™ on Chowder? I didn't either, but I like it.

Make sure you appreciate your local German today!

Bergy must have heard our chatter since he decided to start off the Bruins scoring.

BBKM reminded us of the Leaf fans' woes with a single image.

It seemed that for a moment that we might have a new agony aunt, aka advice columnist:

But, it seems it was not to be.


The period began with phony running into some trouble at the Garden, which caused some questioning of who lives in Vermont, and what goes on there. A quick and successful buddy check was performed as well, with some people opting out of the buddy system.

UnstableElement reminded the Chowder gang that they were dropping the ball in regard to a long-standing Chowder tradition.

There was a German lesson on the fly, as per usual.

The Rangers scored, and BBKM noticed a pattern.

The Rangers scored. Again. Everyone wondered what exactly is wrong with the middle period of each game.

Things eventually began looking up.

The game was getting pretty chippy, and some of us wondered about the ol’ Boston-New York rivalry…

Turned out they were right.

Tuukka took a lickin’ and Mordor made a great observation:

And with that... on to our next adventure.


The third period started off with our regular head count/buddy check as we moved between threads to start the last period, and luckily for Mordor, the process isn’t really all that complicated.

Satan81, reporting for thread buddy duty, was told he could take the night off.


Put your feet up and relax, Satan81!

Indeed, Giesse. I love when my own dad calls me up to tell me how good of a player he thought Lou Sick was on the Bruins.

Oh well, just grin and bear it, Birda.

Back to the game, Mordor made a bold prediction, seeing as at the time, the Bruins were still down by one goal.

Aw, how nice of Muse to think of her sleeping elderly cat when Ryan Spooner tied it up.

Although that all went out the window when David Krejci put the Bruins ahead with very little time left.

Get bent, kitty. Krejci just scored.

Fever.fevens seemed really happy with the result

Fevens, your babushka is lovely.


  • the german hammer, for pie
  • Miss Muse, for providing important information
  • BBKM, for usual hilarity