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A Purr-fect Oppor-tuna-ty

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Boston's ahead of the Fancy Cats in the race for the last playoff spot, but only by a whisker.

The Fanciest Cat of all Fancy Cats,
The Fanciest Cat of all Fancy Cats,
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Morning all!

The Fancy Cats visit the Bruins later this afternoon in an attempt to take two points and move ahead of the Bruins in the playoff standings.

Cute kitty (yes, he sure is!) but the Bruins themselves can't afford to pussyfoot around this afternoon.

Anyway, enough looking back into the past, and let's get these links started right meow.

  • A preview of today's game against the Fancy Cats. [CBS Sports]
  • The Bruins' lines are no longer set in stone and Claude Julien has taken to firing up his line blender as of late. [Boston Globe]
  • Could today's game be the last one Shawn Thornton plays in the Garden? [Causeway Crowd]
  • The Bruins are finally out of the basement when it comes to the penalty kill. [Worcester Telegram]
  • A scheduling snafu has placed the Boston Pride-Montreal Canadiennes Winter Classic on the same day as the start of USA Hockey's evaluation camp for the Women's World Hockey Championship. [The Hockey News]
  • Here come the Oilers. No, really. Last night the Oilers and Rangers combined for 12 goals, Lauri Korpikoski notched a hat trick, and the Oilers won their 5th straight. No, really. [TSN]
  • "Erik Karlsson is the most-game changing defenseman since Bobby Orr." OK, so I might be checking to see if you're awake while reading this. [CBS Sports]