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Leftover Chowder: The Rivalry Continues

Bruins vs. Habs. No Habs, no!

Ole, ole, ole, ole...
Ole, ole, ole, ole...
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


The night began with BBKM "singing" a ridiculous medley. We should have known from the start that this night would be something out of the ordinary.

Fever.fevens thought he had options. He was wrong. There is no choice but to watch the greatest rivalry in sports unfold.

Bobby16may might have nailed down the Bruins’ problem: Claude and math.

In the oft-repeated words of my 10th grade geometry teacher (c.1996), "You don’t know what you’re doing. You were taught wrong. You know what you need? Algebra The Easy Way, eleven dollars and sixty-six cents. Wordsworth, Harvard Square."

More mathemalgebra from the stats guy. This is shocking behavior.

Ric Flair doesn’t care if you’re ready  - drop the damn puck already!

As usual, there was some doubt about the fourth line. UNCMedievalist was still warming up a bit.

The german hammer was under the weather, however, she had some parting words that stuck with us:

Newtonian Fluid got right to the point.

Holyhandgrenaid also agrees, it IS a glorious day to hate the Habs!

There was talk of commercials – good ones, bad ones, etc. Then we tackled the subject of beverages – seasonal, alcoholic, etc., and what they do to us. Don’t give HHG rum. Shit will get real.

Give Econicorides scotch, though, please. There was much scotch discussion, and this was basically the outcome:

Doc made an error and said the Bruins won the Cup in 2001. Of course, that’s when Ray Bourque won the Cup in Colorado (ugh). This caused a long talk about lots of other exceptional athletes. See thread.

The happy subject of Jerkshire writing an article about Marchand was brought up. It led to a haiku and some memeing.

KevAn has some big fans here at Stanley Cup of Chowder.

One of our favorite Habs forwards scored.

SkyonAir has a certain disdain for the Habs’ goal horn, which they play when goals are scored, and then again when a review goes in their favor.

HHG made a French horn joke.

We find Michel Therrien to be a very dapper looking fellow.

Alexander Semin will forever haunt Stanley Cup of Chowder… and the Habs.

TimRich88 used a perfect gif to describe Kevan Miller.

HHG and Newtonian Fluid had some good safety tips for him.

HHG gave the OFLODNAP method a shot in hopes of driving NAvek away. So far, not so good.

Because we’re Stanley Cup of Chowder, there was even more extensive Kevan Miller talk. This caused Matt Bartkowski to come up in conversation. Tim went off the rails.

Tuukka made some beautiful saves and kept the Bruins, who looked as if they had no interest in winning, in the game. The period ended, and the Bruins were down 1-0.


Note: I (GH) am a bit feverish as I write this. Things may have appeared to be funnier than they are, or not. I don't know. Just know, I'm unwell.

This is a enactment of what we would like the Bruins to do.

Unstable Element dropped in to deliver some good news., and there was much celebration for that, because we all know the Bruins weren't going to do anything because Period 1B.

Seven shots on goal seems like a sickly amount of offense. Seven shots of still not enough for this game. For this game, as far as Bruins-Habs games go, was BORING.

Medievalist and HHG traded comparisons of what the Bruins offense looked like.

Everyone knows that Phony loves a good pun:

The animal lovers of Chowder keep the masses entertained with cats and...

Given all the talk about the waiver wire this week, there have been dick jokes aplenty on Chowder. This is nothing that a Chowderer loves more than a dirty pun. We're not called Stanley Cup of (Man) Chowder for nothing.

Medievalist and Muffinman has given Tuukka Rask a new nickname:

What is our assessment of the team? How many players are on the Bruins? Is Tuukka any good?

Wait, the Habs had a call go their way? No way!



Medievalist continued his Batman themed gifgame:

Two arguments in one! Food argument + Handegg =  The Bruins are still not winning

Honestly, guys, I expect more from you on a Habs game night!


So the best thing, I guess, about coming into this period late is that by looking back at the parade of gifs in the beginning of the thread, it appears everyone was expecting a meltdown of Oilers proportions. Check the thread for them. They really are quite lovely and evoke lots of cringing and a sense of doom.

Editor's note:  Who'd have thunk a crab-walking Vladimir Putin could ever be a relevant gif? There's a time and a place for everything, I guess.

I applaud young Mordor here for not wanting to fire Kevan Miller into the sun (which is a total waste of taxpayer dollars, amirite?) and wants to put him out to pasture in something hockey related that is so far away from  the Bruins. It’s very much a win-win.

Well, all this harping about getting Semin on the…. Yikes. Let me rephrase that. Picking up Alexander Semin so he can play for the Bruins, I mean, has…created a lot of jokes. A lot of us are easily amused here.

You know there’s plenty more, just consult the thread.

UNCMedievalist accepted a challenge all in the name of science. Of course. But the results were surprising, to say the least. 

And I think it might be saying a lot about how this game was going if someone posts a haiku, keeping with the Chowder theme, but it’s about Mario Kart.

Still, a pretty nice effort on the part of whoever created this.

I have to admit. Yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t feeling this game. Habs. Forum. Le Centre Bell.  It’s never been a great combination, at least recently. So when Loui Eriksson tied the game shorthandedly, we couldn’t contain ourselves:

So THIS IS AMAZING! Loui scores shorthandedly, slams into the boards, and DOESN’T hurt himself. Landon Ferraro says "That looks like fun, and hey my dad’s here!" and scores less than a minute later. It’s getting late in the 3rd and WE. ARE. BESIDE. OURSELVES thinking holy shit, we may actually finally win a fucking game against the fucking Habs. WE LOVE LOUI! WE LOVE LANDO! WE LOVE TUUKKA!


DAMMIT, ImBigInJapan!

Anyway. Bruins win after waking up midway through the third, and I’m Big In Japan narrowly escapes being sent there by the rest of Chowder.

STARS OF THE GAMETHREAD (it's a major award):

  • holyhandgrenaid and Newtonian Fluid brought their best to the thread.
  • the german hammer was able to doctor up that second period, which is impressive since the rest of us slackers weren't much fun (and neither were the Bruins).
  • Miss Muse is the bringer of the goals. Very important. Strong work, Muse!