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Public Skate: Bruins v. Oilers 1st Period

It's game day, but more importantly, it's Snow globe Giveaway Day at the Garden!! Hope you got your globe featuring Rene and the Bear. Let's hope for a...flurry of Bruins goals B-) (I'll show myself out now).

Former Bruins defenseman and all-around nice guy Andrew Ference is back in town! Just to welcome him back, I took out my recyclables and disposed of biodegradable napkins in the compost bin.

Also, he's not back in the lineup, but Pasta skated this morning! Small miracles! But he's itching to get back in the lineup.

Colin Miller plays! Kevan Miller...also plays. Goaltender Cam Talbot's in net for the Oilers, but hopefully the B's can get another two points tonight, avenging their (painful) loss in Edmonton.