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What the Bruins said about the disastrous overtime last night

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Bruins forced overtime thanks to a great Brad Marchand goal with only a few minutes left on this goal:

It was fantastic, and the crowd was very into it. But then overtime started. The Oilers sent out Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Andrei Sekera. The Bruins countered with... Ryan Spooner, Landon Ferraro, and Torey Krug? It was a bigger shock to see them out there in overtime than it was to see the Oilers absolutely work them and score the OTGWG after a minute of playing keep-away. Understandably, the media asked just about everyone about the overtime decision after the game. Here's what they said

Claude Julien

On starting off with Ferraro, Ryan Spooner and Torey Krug in overtime…

Well our top players had just played the last three minutes, so I was hoping to at least get a shift out of those guys and come back with our players, but we didn’t handle that very well.

Landon Ferraro

On if he was surprised to be in the first shift of overtime…

Yeah, there were some other guys that I thought were going to be going ahead, but I was excited and it’s something that’s really disappointing. I kind of mess up on my coverage and he comes right down the middle and I miss my block and it goes in, so it’s a little disappointing.

On if players are still getting used to spacing in three-on-three overtime…

No, it shouldn’t be. I make a mistake there and miss it, but even since I’ve been here there have been ten games or something like that, we’ve played like five overtimes. We have enough practice, we’ve all played enough hockey to know where you’re supposed to be and you’re supposed to stay on your guy. Just a little mental lapse and it cost us the game.

Jonas Gustavsson

On how frustrating it is to lose that game in overtime with all those shots on goal…

Yeah I mean it’s frustrating. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of shots or not, you always want to win the game. Like I said I thought we played really well tonight and we could have easily won the game.

Andrej Sekara

On whether it’s tiring to have the puck in the Bruins end for the entire overtime…

It’s always… I don’t know, for some reason when you are in the offensive zone and you have the puck you never get tired. You will get tired when you lose the puck and have to go back and back check and then spend a couple seconds in your zone defending, so no. Especially three on three it’s fun, especially when you have the puck. It’s not that much fun when you don’t have the puck.

And, not related but I couldn't leave it out...

Matt Beleskey

On if he sees the irony in the goal he scored…

I don’t think I’ve got one off my own stick this year. So still waiting for that. Yeah, you know, it’s been a lot of bounces, but just keep throwing it out there.