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Leftover Chowder: Penguins @ Bruins

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

FIRST PERIOD: Things eventually happened when people arrived, but not really.

We jumped right in. Well, those of us who were here, anyway. The thread began like all hockey games should, with a little trash talk:

Oh no, you di-in't!

Tuukka got spun right-round, which caused some spinning gifs to be used, mainly one with Sharkroombacat. This caused a debate about his duck friend’s bodily functions and comfort level in the situation.

Duck is glad you fell for his attention-seeking pooping.

Typical Chowder: ignore the "Whoa! New car!" part of the news, and talk about the food part instead. Also, Max Talbot scored.

There was a spirited discussion regarding needlessly treating players like crap. A+. (PSA: So you don't like a player because he's not good at what he's paid to do. There's no need to constantly berate them. Don't be an asshat.)

Which Marchand is your favorite Marchand? Also, just how Eckersley are you?

This Marchand?

Or perhaps this Marchand?

Maybe this Marchand?

Or could it be this Marchand?

Wait. What am I doing? It's obviously this Marchand.

You wouldn’t like UnstableElement when he’s mad.

We made our feelings clear about the Penguins, and penguins.

What about The (singular) Penguin?

We love rivalry night.

And now, on to the second period. Err, period 1B. Period 1v2.0. Something.

PERIOD 1B: This Again...

After the normal check-in, Sister embraced her role as Unstable Element's Life Coach:

Since UE, was readying for a job interview on Thursday, Holyhandgrenaid offered some advice:

Good advice for our ol' Razzle Dazzle.

Anyway, a goal was scored! By a Bruin even! But which one? Jimmy Hayes? Ryan Spooner? Tuukka Rask? WHO WAS IT? Chowder debated and tried to solve the groovy mystery.

But, wait, there's more! More drama in the form of the Much-Beloved-Coach's-Challenge™ issued by everyone's favorite Bruins coach, Mike Sullivan. UNC Medievalist is having none of it.

Welcome to Buttsburgh! City Limits: Well, none, really.

More Chowdertonians had words about this predicament.

No one likes the Challenges because the refs never seem to get it right, probably because they are replaying on devices that are at least three sizes too small:

This provoked further discussion on TVs, injuries by TVs, and selling TVs.

The Coach's Challenge wouldn't die in the conversation, prompting HHG to issue forth this:

Poor Adam McQuaid gets violently kissed by a biscuit. We know the drill.

Someone brought up Linkin Park and Bobby16May stepped up with this comment.

Chris Kelly still gets the love.

Here are some gifs to sum up the rest of the thread:

Bad Adam Sandler movie on Netflix

The defensive stylings of Dennis Seidenberg and Kevan Miller:

Hot Carl's Jr/ Hardee's talk:

Uh, yeah.


Nothing, NOTHING that was said, done, giffed or 'shopped in this period's thread can match this.
Star of the thread? The Bergeron family. Duh.