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Winter Classic roundup 12/21: Ice Rink Building has begun at Gillette!

Elsa/Getty Images

As you all know by now, the Bruins are taking on the habs in a celebration of the rivalry and putting a lot of eyeballs on NBC on new year's day this year. The Patriots just played their last home game of 2015 yesterday, and the NHL is in full gear for setting up the rink and getting it ready. The related social media accounts are posting away, and the Bruins interviewed Dan Craig. Dan Craig is the guy who's been in charge of the ice rink at each Winter Classic, and is sort of in charge of ice in general in the NHL. Here's the interview:

Pretty interesting stuff. Here are a couple of pictures, as well:

Field looks nice with white "ice" on it.

What part of the winter classic are you most excited about?