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Winter Classic Roundup 12/22: Tuukka Rask getting New Mask, habs losing all the games

Elsa/Getty Images

You may remember, 6 years ago at Fenway, that Tuukka Rask had a brand new mask made for the Winter Classic. That one was made by Luke Dobie, and Stanley Cup of Chowder interviewed the artist all the way back then. This was Rask's mask back then:

Looked pretty great. I can only hope that his new one, as reported by DJ Bean, will be as good:

And now, the Weather!

Weather for January 1st is currently not terrible. 20% chance of precipitation, and just barely above freezing. We'll keep an eye on this.

The other side:

The habs keep on losing, and they don't like it. Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha, ha! Ha! Here's a gif from their most recent game recap:

Bergevin Jumps

Wonderful stuff.

Singing the Anthem

Jordan Smith, who apparently won the will be singing the National Anthem at the Winter Classic

Also, I have it on good authority that Ron Poster, organ player for the Bruins at TD Garden, will be moving his organ from TD Garden to Gillette Stadium for the game.

A couple links!

  • NESN doing a little roundup of their own [NESN]
  • The Herald also did some construction coverage [Boston Herald]

Winter Classic Cam!

It's live! It's lit! It's Gillette as never seen before!