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NBC/Comcast hates Boston, cancels Copley Square screening of Winter Classic

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Yesterday, Mayor Marty Walsh announced that he'd have a big screen set up in Copley Square to show the Winter Classic, as he often does for large sporting events relevant to the citizenry. Last summer, Government Center was home to a lot of people to watch Team USA' women's national soccer team win the World Cup. Big events like this are exciting for participants, and lend a aura of "big event" to anything, even a regular season hockey game.

Today, NBC decided to uphold its reputation as the perfect partner of the NHL - scared to death of different and new things while also depending on existing fans to grow the game. They have unceremoniously cancelled the outdoor viewing of the Winter Classic out from under Marty Walsh. It was fun while it lasted, but Comcast just doesn't care about you the viewer. They have that monopoly over the city of Boston, but it's not enough. Gotta cancel events and try to keep people in their homes.

Anyways, thank you Mayor Marty Walsh for your efforts to put on what would have been a great event. Comcast continues to prove their commitment to being a hateful trash fire of a company that absolutely does not care about anything except what their cabal of accountants tell them. Hans Gruber would be proud. This would have been a pretty fun event. Oh well.