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Status Quo

The Bruins remain a point behind the Habs, but are stalked by the Panthers.

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Let them eat cake! This one is too pretty to cut.
Let them eat cake! This one is too pretty to cut.
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Time to enjoy time with family and friends... and fruitcake. EVERYONE loves receiving those holiday fruitcakes! NO, REALLY!

  • The Bruins gained no ground in the division last evening with a shutout loss to the Blues, but hey, the Canadiens also lost.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Some times good enough won't beat a good team, but the Bruins can go into the Christmas break without regrets.[WEEI]

  • Hey, who isn't glad that the Bruins elected to keep coach Claude Julien? Kirk Luedeke looks back at Julien's tenure with the Bruins, and how an early experience with a billet family helped mold him.[ScoutingPost]

  • Take five... it was hard to be mad about a loss in a close game.[WEEI]

  • That loss represented the first time the Bruins have been shut out all season: An ill-timed change by the Bruins defense in the third period opened the door for the first goal.[Hockeybuzz]

  • Matt Beleskey took a chance when he left the Ducks, and he isn't looking back. He has been key to his line's success, despite not personally scoring the goals.[WEEI]

  • The good news: Here are the key factors in the Bruins' success this season.[BruinsDaily]

  • It is a quick turnoround for tonight's EPIX "Road to the Winter Classic" Episode #2, film from last evening will be included in the 200 minutes of raw film condensed into tonight's broadcast. Here's a deeper look into the logistics of production.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Here's what's on the Bruins' holiday wish list, along with other Atlantic Division teams' desires.[AlongTheBoards]

  • Oh, Jack Edwards, NEVER CHANGE! (With video of Jack singing... you have been warned!)[PuckDaddy]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Got hockey comics? This site one offers one making a wry comment on Bruins sweater sales.[BarDown]

  • Team USA has set their roster for the World Junior Championship.[NHL]

  • Only the Jagr would make light of losing teeth to a high stick...[PuckDaddy] the Panthers continue on their roll, beating the Senators.[TSN]

  • Dig on into this week's Thirty Thoughts, and ditto to #30![Sportsnet]

  • Reebok-CCM is backing away from the safety claims regarding their hockey helmets.[TheGlobeAndMail]

  • Claude Giroux would like to have a word with you. Who knew he was such an AC/DC fan?[PlayersTribune]

  • A Boston University player's season is over after he was found to be gambling.[SBNation]

  • The SPHL has responded decisively to a serious incident resulting in injury to a goalie with heavy suspensions for a Cottonmouths player and coach.[FayetteObserver]

  • Fans behaving badly: A Swiss hockey coach was injured by rock-throwing hooligans postgame.[PuckDaddy]