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Winter Classic Roundup 12/23: NBC is trash, Rink is being built, sign the Rancourt Petition

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Rink Status

It's being built! Check it out:

9 days: Gillette Stadium becomes an outdoor hockey rink. #WinterClassic

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Outdoor viewing

NBC stepped in and stepped on the dreams of Mayor Marty Walsh and now there will not be an outdoor viewing as there was supposed to be. You could always stand outside the main window of the Fours if you want to watch on TV and be cold.

But you'd probably be happier inside.


Friend of the blog Top Shelf Cookies will be at Boston Public Market tomorrow if you need a last-minute gift. They're delicious. Get some black and golds to go with those Winter Classic tickets you're going to surprise your loved ones with.

And then buy some on the 26th for your tailgate.

Let Rancourt Sing!

There is an online petitions going around to get Rene Rancourt to sing the anthem at the Winter Classic. Here it is:

Here's Jack Edwards' thoughts on the matter: