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2016 Winter Classic: 5 highlights from tonight's "Road to the Winter Classic" episode

The best GIFs and video from tonight's episode.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

1) Brad Marchand peeks out from backstage at the Boston Pops

You know this GIF will be all over Twitter within an hour.

2) Split loyalties

Kevin Hayes, Jimmy's father, holds up a jersey that shows where most of Dorchester's hockey loyalties lie: split between Jimmy's Bruins and young Kevin's Rangers.

3) A star is starstruck

Brendan Gallagher gets to talk with one of his favorite athletes, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, who happens to be suffering from a similar hand injury. The ribbing from Gallagher's teammates makes the scene great.

4) Frank Vatrano waits...and waits...and waits.

The Bruins made Frank Vatrano sit around and wait for the media to interview him after scoring his first NHL hat trick. Can't let him get a big head, after all.

5) Max Talbot narrates Spooner-Hornqvist

The audio makes it better, but Talbot approaches Hornqvist and says "Were you scared, Patric? You're scared of Spoons?" Talbot then hugs Spooner on the bench saying "I love that sh*t, we'll kill that any day."