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Silent Night

No NHL hockey during the Christmas break, so use the time well.

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Merry, merry and happy, happy to you and yours
Merry, merry and happy, happy to you and yours
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Enjoy time with your friends and family: They missed you while you were glued to the screen watching the Bruins with us.

  • Several Bruins divulge their favorite Christmas song, and Caryn Switaj prompts Torey Krug to sing his. (Video, 2:03)[Bruins.NHL]

  • It is astounding how the team in the NHL with the least power play opportunites leads in power play goals. Also, good luck getting tickets for the Winter Classic.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • EPIX "Road to the Winter Classic" Episode #2 is encapsulated here. The breakout star is affable Marc Archambault, who performs a vital service to the Habs players (and he parks cars, too!)[Sportsnet]

  • The Providence Bruins are very good at marketing, and it has paid off in ticket sales.[ProvidenceJournal]

  • Look in on this holiday surprise for children that was hosted by Malcolm's brother P.K. Subban and AirCanada. He is so much fun, and what a gorgeous event!(Video, 5:42)[@PKSubban1]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Beware, Canada, the push to bring hockey to Las Vegas is a deliberate move to "Americanize" the sport.[SinBin]

  • This artist produces stunning retro posters for hockey games. Take a look.[Vice]

  • It is a dire situation in Montreal as the Canadiens clearly miss the offensive contributions of Brendan Gallagher.[NationalPost]

  • There has been a notable drop in penalties around the NHL, especially in these three categories (just in time for the Bruins to top the league with their hot power play, natch.) [PittsburghTribune-Review]

  • These NHL players merited more attention than they received this season. Bonus: Potpourri from around the league.[SportsIllustrated]

  • As we go NHL-free over the Christmas break, take a brief look back at when that was not the case, pre-1971.[GreatestHockeyLegends]

  • "Le Chiffre" Guy Boucher is steeled for an uphill battle to lead Team Canada to a win in the Spengler Cup this year. He will likely garner the attention of NHL teams seeking a new coach if all goes well.[TheGlobeAndMail]

  • Here are the top 15 Tweets of the entire year. Bonus: Patrice Bergeron and John Tavares dish on their faceoff techniques.[Sportsnet]

  • All was NOT CALM: Look back in history to the Mike Millbury shoe brawl from December 23, 1979. (With video)[Vice]