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Reports: Pastrnak will indeed be playing in the World Junior Championships

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Rumored for a while, it appears that the young Czech will represent his country again.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

David Pastrnak's brief AHL stint appears to be over, per several different reports.

Andreas Haggstrom, who has a good relationship with Pastrnak from his days covering him on Sodertalje and has provided me with updated Pastr-formation in the past, confirms that Pastrnak will be heading over.

I spoke to Haggstrom through Twitter, and he told me that his source is a pretty authoritative one: he asked Pastrnak himself, and Pastrnak told him he was going to the tournament. Pretty simple, eh?

Others reporting on the move include Mark Divver, who covers the Providence Bruins:

And Bob McKenzie, who knows everything about hockey:

McKenzie's end bit explains why no announcement has been made. Expect to hear something from the team confirming it in the next day or two.

Is it a good idea? I'm torn. Sure, it's great for Pastrnak to be able to represent his country, and playing against elite young talent is a good thing. However, he'd probably be more "ready" for a return to NHL action by playing in the AHL. Also, the risk of injury looms large, such as the one suffered by Leafs prospect William Nylander.

The Czechs immediately become a must-watch team for Bruins fans: Jakub Zboril, Daniel Vladar and Pastrnak are all Bruin picks.