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Bruins first round pick Jake Debrusk has been traded from the Swift Current Broncos to the Red Deer Rebels

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This has no effect on his NHL status, but likely means he will play deep into the WHL playoffs later in the year.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Debrusk and his 9 goals and 17 assists in 24 games have been traded, with the return unknown as of now, from the 11th place Swift Current Broncos to the 2nd place Red Deer Rebels. His 26 points would put him in third on the Rebels, behind only Ivan Nikolishin's 43 in 35 games, and Michael Spacek's 30 in 30 games.

Debrusk was clearly a wanted player, with as many as six teams looking to trade for him.

As always, more information when it becomes available which according to local radio host Troy Gillard, will be in the morning.

UPDATE: Lane Pederson, Red Deer's 2017 1st round WHL bantam draft pick and Red Deer's 2016 3rd round pick were traded for DeBrusk. Pederson was 8th in points on Red Deer, with 21 in 35 games.