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The Bruins suck at drawing penalties.

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They are really bad at drawing penalties, but still come out on top overall in special teams.

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Every year there are quotes coming out of the Bruins locker room like this, and for good reason. The Bruins are just not good at getting powerplays.

Here's a quick number dump of some stats from the past four and a half years:

- The Bruins have had roughly the league average in terms of penalties taken, averaging 262.8 penalties per 82 games, with the league average is 264.75.

- The gap between the Bruins drawn penalties (905) and the 29th place Colorado (981) is 76. The gap between Colorado and the league average (1057) is also 76. These numbers do not include last nights games, when the Bruins failed to draw a penalty.

- In part due to their inability to draw penalties, the Bruins have the league's worst penalty differential, averaging just under 36 more penalties taken than drawn (-35.72), 5.38 penalties per 82 games ahead? behind? of the next worst team, the Winnipeg Jets

- Despite all of this, the Bruins are 8th in special teams goal differential, in large part due to their prowess scoring shorthanded goals, led by Brad Marchand with 13 shorthanded goals. Basically, all of the shorthanded goals by Dan Paille, Patrice Bergeron, and company are just icing on the cake. The Bruins are second to the New Jersey Devils in shorthanded goals, with the Devils having 45 over the same timespan.

For a broader look at how Claude Julien coached teams have fared, here are the penalty differentials and five game rolling differential Some key points in time: Julien coached Montreal from games 1 through 21 in this chart, with games 22 through 98 are from New Jersey. The other 750 games are from Julien in Boston, which have a combined total of 189 more penalties taken than drawn.

The last time the Bruins had a positive penalty differential under Julien was in his 342nd game with the Bruins. Over 845 different 5 game samples of games, only 387 had the Bruins not in the negatives (45.8%). Just 325 samples were positive (38.46%). On just the Bruins, Julien's teams are not negative 321 out of 747 5 game samples (42.97%), and positive for just 261 sets (34.94%). Here is the same chart with just the Bruins games

The little blip towards the end was when the Bruins were fighting to make the playoffs at the end of last year, when they went 25 games between 2/20/15 and 4/11/15 when they drew 17 more penalties than they took over that span.

Here are the splits by teams:

Stats from the 2011-12 season through the 2015-16 season from

Stats from the 2006-07 season through the 2015-16 season from