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Leftover Chowder: Bruins vs. Oilers

Sorry, it might be a little lukewarm this morning.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports


The night started off positively negative, and the conversation went something like, "this place is empty and one of our defensemen sucks."

The german hammer was a little crunchy from the get-go. Upset about the mistreatment of Captain Planet, she was quite unhappy with the Oil.

There were some dog gifs, and talk of pets. Uneventful, visit the thread for that if you’re really looking for something to do… or come to my office and do some filing, perhaps.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Johnny Boychuk just won’t go away.

A haiku war was waged.

We’re all going to be reported to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

There was some discussion on exactly what a Klefbom is: a character made up by a first grader, a Pokemon, or perhaps a shot?

Miss Muse has no future in hostage negoatiations: "Sure. Take the hostages. Just make sure you use your manners. Listen to Auntie Mabel, keep your elbows off the table." REMAIN CORDIAL AT ALL TIMES.

We were given another Edmontonian German gehrman hammer lesson.

Phony and her roommate had a misunderstanding. Sometimes Chowder leaks into life.

And on to the second period! Or period 1B, whatever works for us these days!

Period 1B: Really, This Is a Game?

Early in the period johndavis33 decided to toy with the Hockey Gods™ and Miss Muse, Chowder Enforcer.

While we might feel safe that the Oilers are not that team this year, who the heck knows? A meteor might take out all of the Pacific Division teams excepting the one oil-producing city, safely ensconced in the east of the Canadian Rockies.

Chowdertonians like to speculate on goal scoring. Tonight was no different.

Sister decided to grace us with her presence, carrying on a discussion point from today's Morning Free Association™.

What kind of Swedish fan are you, Sister?

We like Finns, specifically their names.

All too easy.

Of course, a hot topic of the day was John Scott being in the running for the ASG by fan vote.

This was followed by talk of other terrible players being voted in. Muse has this fantasy of an all goalie team.

Which she seemed to be talking to herself about while others about her talked of the Team Terribad.:

The refs were having a hard time calling the correct penalty.

Loui Eriksson was penalized for hooking, or tripping, or something. There is concern that he is out of the running for the Lady Byng:

Yeah. More stuff happened. These singular threads are tough on your poor correspondent. Also:

Period 1C…

Or if the Bruins lose and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?

Pickings were pretty slim for this portion of the game thread as most of us were half asleep or just plain damn cranky thinking that we were going to lose to the Oilers. THE OILERS.

Here are the things of note, as sour as some of them are.

As it gets closer to the midnight hour, the veil between the world of the living and of the dead becomes whisper thin, so when UNCMedievalist said:

There’s always some slight chance the friendly yet fickle Hockey Gods will make sure that The Thing Is Done. But more often than not, they make sure that The Thing Is Done By The Wrong Fucking Team. I was able to reach one of the Hockey Gods via Ouija Board as I sought comment on this and he just spelled "Whoops. GOODBYE."

"It's quitting time, chumps. Smell ya later."

Phony was on her pun game all night:

Seriously, phony, had this game been on at a normal time, you would have received all the recs. Nice work.

And Mordor came up with a great idea

It’s just a shame this game wasn’t being played during recess, and therefore ineligible for a do-over.

And after the stupid OT which, actually come to think of it, Chara should be thanked for providing:

(stick tap to the lovely and talented the german hammer for creating this meme)…

Anyway.  After  THAT, Newtonian Fluid had to come up with his own pun. Or maybe he sneezed.

Mark Letestu: a fun name to bat around, that's unfortunately attached to a fucking annoying player we all probably want to send to the moon after tonight’s game.

And welp, that’s about it for this period, as well as the game.

See you Friday evening in the Flames game thread.