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WJC Rumors: USA/Canada to be played outdoors in 2018.

One of the bigger rivalries in international hockey might be bringing it outside in a couple of years.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

USA and Canada will, as always, meet in the World Junior Championships to determine who in this grandest of contests, whose teenagers are better than the other. And in 2018? They're adding a brand new twist to it.

For those who do know, the WJC in 2018 will be played in Buffalo, beating out Pittsburgh and St. Louis. But many were confused why they'd be making an announcement about this in the seemingly unrelated Ralph Wilson Stadium when there's a perfectly good First Niagara Center 20 minutes up the road? Well, John Buccigross has an idea...

There are plenty of reasons why this would be awesome. The Winter Classic started here. The Atmosphere of both sides going crazy for their country, and of course it'll be right when Buffalo is at it's coldest, so one could reasonably expect a ton of snow. Some might have questions about exactly WHEN in the tournament they might end up playing Canada in the cold, since the tournament is VERY short and every game is worth something. I personally believe that if this ends up happening, this is going to be before the tournament, as a big, patriotic kickoff.

If anything, both sides should go all out. Imagine Canada comes out flanked by the entire Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Ontario whilst Rush plays, then Team USA coming out to this after a 20 second pause:

Chills. More on this will come as it develops.