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The Grass is Always (blue and) Greener

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Canucks fans play GM for a day.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

There are times in sports fans' lives when we all get desperate for somebody, a knight in shining armor, to save us from a painful season. For Canucks fans, whose team sits at number four in their division and 22nd in the league, they seem to be running out of options. So the question was asked: if you could add ANYBODY to Vancouver's current roster, who would it be? They could be as creative as they wanted.

Nucks Misconduct took note in their ever-struggling defense first and foremost:

So of course I had to ask about former Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski's progress since his signing:

(Don't worry, guys,I ignored the typo of Edler)

I was surprised at first about the lack of smartass responses like "BRING BACK TORTS" or "shud of naevr tred Bieksa" or humorous ones like "Doug Glatt" or "Guy Fieri."

But then came the magnificent cynicism and trade regret I was hoping for in the back of my mind:

I guess that pint of Ryan Miller Lite isn't tasting so good.