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Brad Marchand continues to own real estate in Alain Vigneault's head

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It seems that the Rangers coach still isn't over 2011.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Just over a week ago, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault spouted off some strange statements about Brad Marchand, embellishing, and his favorite son (Spoilers: It isnt Marchand). Ten days later, Vigneault still isn't over the Bruins pest's actions from 2011, where he was allowed to punch the Sedins in the face and score at will.

Vigneault tends to have a sense of humor, and that kind of thing doesn't transfer well into text. If you missed the play too,here are a few clips of the nut shot, and some excerpts from Prust's own Players Tribune article titled 'Why We Fight'

I wonder if the real estate Marchand has in Vigneault's head counts against the salary cap? Does Zdeno Chara help him rent it out? Either way, Marchand lets his play on the ice do the talking. Both now, and back in 2011.