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Leftover Chowder: Preds @ Bruins Game Thread Recap

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Now Josi him, now you don't.

They don't call him Roamin' Josi for nothing.
They don't call him Roamin' Josi for nothing.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a different approach for this one, Chowder.


Happy Hanukkah

Happens in your heart always

In hot deaf guy’s, too.

Ready for Bruins?

Maybe they can win this one?

Let me get the booze.

Fin(n) on Fin(n) action,

Papal enthusiasm

Khruschev and Rigo

Kevan scored a goal

Stuck here forever now? Ugh

Bitches be trippin’

Lionel Ritchie

Welcomes you to the game thread

Don’t be sorry, Sis

Joonas, please be okay

And be Joonas, or Eunice

Hey, whatever works

Cannoli supper,

Adulting is hard, OK?

Gave up PP goal.


Thread was singular

Long winding, many comments

Take our pics and gifs

So Roman Josi

Much handsome this defenseman

Must scoring often

Chowder men wonder

Why is he so beautiful?

Brushes teeth daily

Facepunching Randell

Wants a dance partner now

Smashes like the Hulk



Which Chowder's supreme

Clam or chicken, which one?

We are best Chowder

Chain smoker visits

Talks of stirfries and veggies

Must officiate

Food fights aplenty!

Creamy soup, just so delish...

No. Chowder is worst.

Loui Eriksson

Hey, Hinga Dinga Durgen

Scores powerplay goal


And the third begins

God, such lazy sticks tonight

Wiener jokes abound!

Stay out of the box!

Tim Peel really fucking sucks

But he hates James Neal

Kevan falls, Preds score

Underrated comments made

You should be laughing

The Bruins drop one

Josi’s beauty blinded them

Semin would have won?


  • Mordor, for redecorating the 9th floor
  • CS, for doing a driveby resurrection of a classic Chowder food argument
  • Roman Josi