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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Its supposed to start snowing at some point again today. Joy of joys. Poor Dustin Pedroia will never dig himself out of this mess. Nor Bergeron or Gronkowski, or the millenial championship trophies. Tough break.

Have you all become experts at "car or snow drift"? Good.

Let's also remember that bringing the Boston Olympics here on the half-assed slapdash plan they've got will do at least this much to slow it all down. Imagine if every major road in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and the way to Gillette stadium had one fewer lane because there was a dedicated "Olympic travel lane." Gross.

Anyways, Buffalo and Winnipeg made a blockbuster trade yesterday. The tank job is in full spiral in Buffalo. By hook or by crook, they're getting a top 2 pick. Heck, even Evander Kane put "McDavid or Eichel" on his twitter feed last night. Great work.

Anyways, are y'all going to work today? What's on tap?