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Claude and Peter and Cam, the three cowards

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Totally shocked that the worst team in the Western Conference (and only Buffalo is worse overall) wasn't a gentle enough sacrificial lamb for Subban to get his first game. The front office is terrified right now. And of course theres a report floating around that if this team limps into 8th or 9th decides whether the front office sticks around for another year.

Let's hope Charlie Jacobs has the inside track on a good GM if that happens. Plenty of good ol' boys floating around that would love a chance to ruin a historic team like Boston.

Oh, and with Rask in net they didn't even beat Edmonton. First 5-game losing streak since the 10-game losing streak in 2009-10. Can they hit ten? Will there be hope left after that?

Oh, and here's my dream trade: Seidenberg for Jagr.