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Number dump - Pastrnak is playing very well

Looking at David Pastrnak's rookie season numbers (Yes, in a small sample size) and comparing it to some former Bruins rookies.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the game ended after the first period against St. Louis (really, the second and third period didnt happen) I figured I would keep feeling happy by looking at how David Pastrnak compared to other teenaged Bruins rookies. The numbers that I saw made me even happier! (all of these numbers are prior to that strange one period game)

DID YOU KNOW: David Pastrnak has the highest goals per game average of a Bruins rookie with at least 10 games played? He is also tied for first in shots per game to Phil Kessel, averaging 2.43 shots per game? Source

For comparison purposes, here are two of the more recent young rookies the Bruins have played: Patrice Bergeron and He Who Must Not Be Named Tyler Seguin. Bergerons was equally impressive because he was 18 years old as well, but back then didn't have time on ice split up by each strength. Seguins was more recent, and does have the splits. Lets dive into the numbers!

(For Bergeron's, since there was no split I used roughly the median of the other two, 85% 5on5 time. His 5on5 only times are slightly off, but its an approximation)

Bergeron Pastrnak Seguin rate

But screw these rate stats! Give me the raw numbers, you cant score 1.19 goals!

Bergeron Pastrnak Seguin

What to take from all of this? The kid can play, so keep playing him Claude.

Time on ice splits thanks to War On Ice, and Bruins rookies list thanks to HockeyReference