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How does David Krejci's Injury affect the Bruins' salary cap?

Could David Krejci's injury help the Bruins short term from a cap perspective?

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, David Krejci's knee injury that will keep him out for 4 - 6 weeks in the middle of a playoff race does not help them. But could it give them the cap space that they desperately need to acquire a top four defenseman and potentially a winger? Could this injury be a blessing in disguise?

The Bruins already have Marc Savard, and potentially Kevan Miller on Long Term Injured Reserve, which effectively frees up their cap hits for as long as they are injured. If you want to read more about LTIR, here is the archived capgeek page, as well as a quick explanation from FearTheFin of how it works.

LTIR does not completely clear a players cap hit from the books, it clears just enough of it to be compliant. Teams that are under the cap can "bank" that cap, and actually go over the cap towards the end of the trade deadline. LTIR makes that an impossibility, as the Bruins would have had $0 in cap space each day because of Marc Savard's placement on LTIR. What LTIR does is allow teams to replace that player using that cap hit, as long as the injured player will be out 24 days or 10 games. Here is what the Bruins 22 man roster would look like if they were able to maximize the LTIR benefits of Kevan Miller, Marc Savard, and now David Krejci, with total cap hits of around $10.05 million.

LTIR everyone

However, if the Bruins plan on going this route there is one small thing - he cant play another regular season game for Boston this year, or the Bruins would have take his $5.25 million dollar cap hit off of the books, leaving them with substantially less than the $6.14 million in space they could presumably use.

One way to keep Krejci playing and get him back to game shape is to send him on a two week maximum conditioning stint, where he can still be placed on LTIR during, as well as getting games in Providence.

Is this the ideal situation? Most likely not, as the Bruins would like to have their top six center for this playoff push, but if this scenario allows the Bruins to go out and add both a top four defenseman and another forward, be it a right wing or a left wing allowing Chris Kelly to center the fourth line? I don't see why the Bruins wouldn't pursue it.

And for what its worth, David Krejci is against being put on LTIR and having this end his regular season:

What about you Bruins fans? Do you want to see the Bruins try to use this loophole to be buyers at the deadline, or to stand pat?