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ESPN to ruin World Cup of Hockey?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

According to a TSN guy on twitter, ESPN landed the World Cup of Hockey rights for the USA:

You may remember ESPN from such times as the frozen four for the past however-many years, where we're subjected to John Buccigross and/or Barry Melrose attempting to analyze hockey. I wonder if Barry Melrose has figured out that Steve Stamkos belongs in the NHL yet?

No word on who will actually be calling the games, or if they'll just use current talent. On the other hand, when they really want to, ESPN does a great job with events. Here's hoping they bring their College Football Playoffs / World Cup A-Game, and not the Frozen Four Final on ESPN2 nonsense.

The lack of Fox means no Cleatus or Glow Puck, and the lack of NBC means that you'll have to make sure you've got ESPN3 on your tablet to watch some of the games.