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Trade Speculation Season is in full swing

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Friday!

As you may already be aware, Evander Kane was scratched from the Winnipeg @ Vancouver game because he didn't show up to the rink. There was a disagreement about how he dressed and the details get murky after that.

For my part, I went into just-read-moneyball mode and said "Let's get him!" Luckily, Chris was kind enough to look at whether that was actually a good idea or if I'm falling into the same trap all those crusty sportswriters suggesting the local club sign Brodeur in 2014.

Anyways, what do you usually think in these sorts of situations? Get the malcontent in the hopes you buy low? Run screaming the other direction from the big distraction? Ramble on self-rightously about it? There are so many options to choose from!

Anyways, happy Friday. What's on tap, y'all?