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Fresh Links: Pasta Sauce Edition

Well, at least David Pastrnak is immune to The Hex.

David Pastrnak managed one small act of defiance for his team.
David Pastrnak managed one small act of defiance for his team.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Yup, the Canadiens are looking forward to meeting the Bruins in the postseason. Very much so.

  • So the problem with the Canadiens is not speed, apparently, it is being unable to score on Carey Price . Well, almost. [PatriotLedger]

  • It was a winnable game. The Vulnerable Minute struck again at the start of the second period. David Pastrnak finally scored, maybe he is too new to be hexed? [BostonHerald]

  • So that was a season sweep. Here are the takeaways from the game. Tuukka Rask was just fine, others... not so much at points. [WEEI]

  • So, the Bruins make the playoffs. If Montreal is their matchup, that's not good news. [TheBostonGlobe]

  • In praise of Chris Kelly, whose quiet performance does not go unnoticed by his teammates. [BostonHerald]

  • One bright spot was Pastrnak, who not only scored the lone goal, but also deftly eluded a stunned P.K. Subban 's hip check. [TheHockeyWriters]

  • Zdeno Chara shouldered responsibility for a collision with Dougie Hamilton that lead to a Habs goal. [WEEI]

  • So the Bruins know what to do, and somehow choose not to do it against Montreal. Dale Weise is the new Thomas Vanek. [MetroWestDailyNews]

  • The Bruins have a good idea what looms in the playoffs if they don't make a move. Here are some suggestions. [WEEI]

  • According to Don Sweeney, the best case scenario is Reilly Smith or Pastrnak seizing the top wing spot, but all players (and options) are on the table. [WEEI]

  • Although the color scheme flies against current goalie consensus, Malcolm Subban is sticking with his sharp black and gold pads. [TheBostonGlobe]

  • At least there was good news for the Providence Bruins in Springfield last afternoon 4-2 in front of Niklas Svedberg. [ProvidenceJournal]

  • And with that, the Bruins have been closed out by the Canadiens, and Svedberg has been called back to Boston. It has been a long sit for both Jordan Caron and Matt Bartkowski. [ProvidenceJournal]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Knowledge is power. Video review allows coaches and goalies to focus on problem areas. Also, not all saves are alike- here's why. [TheBostonGlobe]

  • Meet the most interesting man in hockey. Stay thirsty, my friends! [TheHockeyNews]

  • Take a look at the "Miracle on Ice" from the other perspective, as ESPN presents "Of Miracles and Men." [TheHockeyNews]

  • For those clamoring to TRADE ALREADY, at least there are no Bruins on this list of the worst 10 free agent deals of the year. [TheHockeyNews]

  • Do you suppose these pee-wees enjoyed having a bunch of Habs show up to play with them? [BarDown]

  • Will Don Cherry and Don MacLean be breaking up over seal meat? [SportsNet]

  • Speaking of collisions causing opponents' goals, here's a UNH player colliding with a referee, benefitting UVM... GO, CATS, GO!  [PuckDaddy]

  • Enjoy this grab bag of observations from the week that was... [Grantland]

  • ... and catch up with what you missed of the weekend's action. [Grantland]

  • Magnanimous in victory? Nos amis at Eyes on the Prize address how to make Twitter better for everyone. Merci! [HabsEyesOnThePrize]