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Losing by 2 all day Sunday

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Sunday was a rough day for sports, for me. It kicked off with Sebastian Vettel getting onto the podium in his first race with Ferrari (which is good, mostly!) But he still lost to those Mercedes jerks. Oh well, something to work on. In F1, beaten by 2 isn't all that bad.

Then the Revolution played the evil empire of the New York Yankees / Manchester City soccer team. As appears to be tradition for the Revs, they lost to the brand new expansion team. It's unfortunate that the oil princes that own Manchester City have decided to invade the domestic league like this, but the MLS league leadership is about on par with the NHL for decisions that don't benefit anyone. See also, the pacification of supporters clubs.

Then, to cap off the night, the Bruins played real bad against Washington and lost, 2-0. It's a pattern. On the other hand, at least we didn't do what our Saturday opponents did. The Pens had to pull Fleury after he gave up 4 goals to Detroit. So, we got that going for us.

Anyhow, how was your weekend? Did you go see Conan at the Brattle last night? And as always, what's on tap?