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Marchand Madness: Round One, On-Ice Antics

It's the first matchup of our next category, Brad's on-ice antics. Which ones stood out?

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With Round One of the Goals bracket decided--even strength, at least--we move on to our next category. Brad has become known for his on-ice, uhm, extracurricular activities. While we had to leave a few of the purely dumb and cheap moves off this list, we can look at the ones that stay in our hearts, mostly in jest.

It's the next edition OF...


Round One: On-Ice Antics

1. Sedin Speedbag - Stanley Cup Finals, 2011

Tim Thomas may have won the series with fully-pumped tires, but nothing encapsulates the physical and mental ownership and dominance that became the Vancouver series in 2011 like the after-whistle scrum. Brad sought out Daniel Sedin, grabbed him, and nestled left after left into his face. Ever so gently. Ever so wonderfully.

4. The Plekanec Pop - Eastern Conference Semis, 2014

Yes, the Bruins were down in the game. But 63 avoided taking a penalty, and got away with doing what we all wanted to do. This was one of the more underappreciated moments of the postseason, mostly because Marchand was (and still is) in the midst of a Playoff scoring slump. But the amount of diving Tomas Plekanec did last year, before and after this incident, lead to the NHL spotlighting him as the poster child for the creation & emphasis of their diving/embellishment rule. He later said after the season how much he disliked Plekanec, but this moment was a speck of gold found in what was overall a postseason turd.

Which punch wins out? Is it the favorite, jab after jab against the Canuck? Or the ninja backhand against the hated Canadien?