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Bruins Add Brett Connolly From Tampa


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Peter finally did something, in the form of shipping two second round picks to Tampa Bay in exchange for 22-year-old winger Brett Connolly.

The Campbell River, British Columbia native has 12 goals and 15 points in 50 games for the Lightning this year. So, there's some offensive upside here but his development never blossomed as much as Tampa hoped, considering they drafted Connolly 6th overall in 2010.

Personally, two second-round picks seems like a steep price for a guy on pace for just under 20 goals - while shooting at a rate of 16.2%, nearly twice his career average.

Hopefully this a precursor to a bigger move, preferably a body on the blueline, but if this is all Chiarelli walks away from come 3 PM tomorrow, well, frankly, god dammit.