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NHL Trade Deadline: Bruins trade Jordan Caron to Avalanche for Max Talbot

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

So, it's finally happened. Jordan Caron is on his way out of town - to Colorado. In return, the Avalanche have sent back Stanley Cup winning (hey, whatever, its' TRUE) center Max Talbot, former Penguin. Talbot is 31 this season, and has five goals and 10 assists through 63 games. not great. But it's more than Caron has done.

We'll have more analysis on this, including updates on what the additional pieces of this trade are, later. But the bottom line is, the Bruins have gone out and filled roles that they didn't need to fill, while getting rid of a few useless pieces and neglecting to acquire the one thing they actually do need - defense. Meanwhile, defensemen like James Wisniewski, among others, are being had for entirely affordable prices. I have no idea what Chiarelli is doing, but the Bruins' hopes for this season are diminishing by the moment.

(Fun, stupid fact: Caron and Talbot played for the same QMJHL team in juniors!)