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Marchand Madness: Off-Ice Antics, Part One

We remove ourselves from the rink for this edition of March Bradness.

Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

With the on-ice categories behind us, we take this bracket off of TD Garden ice and look at Bradley, behind the scene. Whether planned or not, Marchy was Julian Edelman before Julian Edelman was Julian Edelman, the embarrassing little white guy popping around Boston celebrating and getting his face out there. We spotlight his best moments, in this edition of...

Round One: Off-Ice Antics

1. 98.5 The Sports Hub & Rad Marchand

The year the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich announced a new game featuring the Noseface Killah. With previous games being "Geddy Bruschi" and "Ben Jarvis Green Day", the possibilities seemed endless--I for one was hoping for Brad Company or Colour Me Brad. But they announced a combination of terrible 80's songs and the Little Ball of Hate, resulting in several minutes of radio gold. It also revealed how terrible of a singer Marchy is.

4. The Marchand/Seguin Celebration & Bromance

Earlier that year after the Cup run, Brad Marchand went on a tear, making him more of a household name than he already was. If the singing at the rolling rally wasn't enough...

...Marchand would also become known for the various. acts. of celebration seen at numerous nightclubs throughout the city over the summer. It was also the point in which Brad made a new best friend in Tyler Seguin. From that point on, the linemates became lifemates. Right up until Seguin's trade two years later, Marchand and Seguin were best buds, which was clear on the ice, off the ice, and everywhere in between. The bromance was real, and because of that we'll always somewhat associate Marchy with Seguin in our hearts, and in theirs...

So will it be Brad poppin' bottles and bro'ing out all over New England? Or will Marchand's vocal cords carry him into the next round?