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Ninth Place Blues

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone. Last night, Florida was kept 4 points back by Tampa. Ottawa is still ahead by one. Dougie has yet to be evaluated. Is all hope lost? Is the magic gone? Nobody knows.

Not a lot of scoreboard watching to be done tonight. Chicago plays Philly, Colorado plays Edmonton, Dallas plays Calgary. That's right, half of the teams playing tonight have at one point had Iginla on the roster. That may be the most fun thing about tonight's games.

Well, that and not having to see Gregory Campbell pretend to be an NHL player. Fewer than ten games left of that, possibly plus playoffs.

Don't forget to commiserate with a Leafs fan today. They know bad teams and dreaming of draft picks and all that. And from what I see on Twitter, they just love hearing about how god awful the Bruins are.

Krejci is hopefully back tomorrow. We're all hoping.

Anyhow, what's on tap?