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Fresh Links: Lost In Space Edition

It's another day off for the Bruins, but there's still plenty of chat out there for you to peruse should you wish. Be warned, though. It's not cheerful out there in Bruins Media Land

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Ah, Wednesdays. When the week eventually starts to slope downhill towards the weekend.

Speaking of sloping downhill, it may be another offday for the Bruins but there's no letup in the media cycle.

It's Cuts For Cause time! The Bruins get their annual public chop job to raise over $130k for pediatric cancer charities. And what a day it was; (NESN)

As is traditional in the Boston media when teams go on losing streaks, it doesn't take long before someone starts questioning their "compete level": (CBS Boston)

Where one goes, another follows. Some on the Bruins beat have heard all the talk before, and don't really believe the organization believe their own message any more: (ESPN)

So-that Reilly Smith scratching went down well in media land. The forward tops the list of four Bruins contracts that, according to some, are going to weigh the team down for a while yet: (The Hockey Writers)

If you're after playoff action in Beantown anytime soon, some at NESN have already decided you're better off with the Celtics: (NESN)

Practice Notes from Hamilton, but hey, Krejci's nearly back! (NESN)

Fluto Shinzawa trots out the "you must first beat yourself to beat an opponent" line today as the media look ahead to the rest of the playoff race: (Boston Globe)

Meanwhile, around the rest of the hockey world:

Florida are now attracting some pretty interesting local workers in their crowd now. Well, either that, or Bryz is having a day off; (Sportsnet)

You know the Hunger Games meme taking over NHL Twitter at the moment? If we on Chowder are Bruins Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Days Of Y'Orr are the first novel: (Days Of Y'Orr)

Mattias Ekholm. Possibly an actual wizard: (Vine)

Following on from yesterday's post on hockey media-here's what happens when someone challenges a defence of Mike Ribeiro by a prominent Nashville team source:  (Ash On Ice)

Also, a nuanced and careful explanation of why the Mike Ribeiro case is being handled wrongly in Nashville: (Puckologist)

Here's a great take by Katie Flynn on Pension Plan Puppets on how Nazem Kadri isn't being allowed to be the player he could the Maple Leafs themselves: (Pension Plan Puppets)

Katie Baker, meanwhile, beautifully describes the heartwarming tale of the 37-year-old vet and the superstar rookie in Florida: the tale of Willie Mitchell and Aaron Ekblad, team-mates and housemates; (Grantland)

In New York, you can now order a Connor McDavid cocktail (but if they run out, there's always 80% chance they'll bring you a Jack Eichel instead): (Sportsnet)

The IIHF Women's Worlds won't be streamed. Or televised USA Hockey has remained quiet. The fans are not impressed, and rightly so. So why isn't there more anger from USA Hockey? (Watch This Hockey)