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Marchand Madness: Off-Ice Antics, Part II

We look at a couple more match-ups without the skates laced up.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we saw Marchand's rapping & dancing skills beat out his singing abilities. Today, we'll look at a couple different instances of his short-lived acting career in today's edition of...


Round One: Off-Ice Antics

2. Bear & the Gang

Possibly the best marketing the Bruins have done in the Chiarelli/Julien/Neely regime is the recent emergence of faux 80's sitcom, Bear & the Gang. So it's fitting that the series opened with the inaugural episode featuring Brad Marchand, the only Bruins player to appear in episode one. He joins Jack Edwards, Rene Rancourt, and the Bear for a game of NHL '12. It may not be Claude Julien walking an imaginary dog, but it's still Brad Marchand playing a videogame against a human in a bear suit while Jack and Rene provide the authentic vibe.

3. Marchand Works at Pure Hockey

During the lockout shortened season, Brad worked some more on his acting skills, this time appearing in a series of commercials for the Pure Hockey chain. He'd been a seasoned vet on the Bruins, but appeared to be new to retail. You can take the man out of the skates, but you can't take the skates... wait, that doesn't really work. Anyway, enjoy the wink.

So will we see Marchand defeat the Bear, and the Pure Hockey staff? Or will we see an upset, with Retail Bradley taking this contest?