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Marchand Madness: Round 2! Goals

We're in the Excellent 8! (Is "Elite" copyrighted? I don't know). Which great goal will come out of this division?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We've made it to Round 2! Now we need to decide the best of each division. We'll pit the two best goals against each other in today's edition of...


Round Two: Playoff Goals Against Rivals

1. Embarrassing Matt Cooke

Oh, I miss the Bruins. I miss these Bruins. The team that would get under your skin, get you off your game, and still beat you with their talent. There isn't much that epitomizes them more than this exchange. Getting in the face of a hated rival, one with history, then leaving him in the dust.

2. Embarrassing Mats Zuccarello

Before Cooke, there was Zuccarello. The series wasn't easy, but they made it look so at times. In the first postseason run for Tuukka Rask, the Bruins were pitted against Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers. They downed 'em in five games, and this was the start of it all. And even though it was just the third goal of the series, the body language of the Rangers speaks volumes. The series was already lost.

So which takes this category? Will it be chirping at Cooke before and after scoring a deflating goal against the Pens? Or will it be netting the game-winner and Zuccarello in overtime against the Rags? Best goal wins!